Why Us

You’re In Better Hands With Us

We’re different from other physiotherapy centres. Here’s why.

Direct Supervision By Orthopaedic Surgeon

Our physiotherapy centre with our team of physiotherapists is directly supervised by
Dr Aaron Lim, a resident orthopaedic and sport injury surgeon who is always ready to monitor your progress closely and maintain the quality and standard of your physiotherapy and rehabilitation. You’ll be in good hands!

Includes Resident Paediatrician And Physician

Besides, our physiotherapy centre enjoys the services of an in-house paediatrician and physician advising and auditing the treatment of paediatric and medical patients.

Using Scientific HUR Rehab Equipment

Our centre is decked out with the top-of-the-line HUR brand equipment which is backed by scientific research and development.

HUR equipment uses air as resistance to reduce stress on joints and connective tissues and to work the muscle more specifically. The result is safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities – the elderly, the young and the athletes. Even the weakest will not be able to injure themselves with these equipment.

Always Fun and Welcoming

The moment you step into our centre, you’ll see the difference. Our centre has great ambience and with all-day long music to accompany you as you do your physiotherapy. Because we take safety seriously, the centre is lined with non-slip triple layer padded shell similar to the gymnastics flooring of the Sydney Olympic Games.

With Nintendo Wii And Other Fitness Programmes

At our centre, you’ll be playing with Nintendo Wii game consoles to help strengthen your muscles in a fun and relaxing way. There’s also sports massage to treat sports injuries.

 Speech Therapy Available

Our centre also offers 2 highly qualified speech/language therapists/ pathologists (SLP) to help children and adults who have speech, language and communication difficulties.

They specalise in:

  • Dysphagia (swallowing and feeding difficulties)
    Our SLP is the only trained dsyphagia therapist in Northern Region providing help for post stroke, head injury and brain tumor patients.
  • Paediatrics
    Our paediatric SLP is one of the most experienced SLP therapists in Malaysia. Her extensive overseas training and local experience will put your child right on track for speech and language development. 
Personalized Attention, Convenient Locations

Our physiotherapist team and other support staff here are always ready to help you get better! And since we open till late, you can come for your physiotherapy or check-up any time after your work hours. As we have our main centre here in Island Hospital and a branch in Seberang Jaya, you can now visit either centre to your convenience.

Find out more how we help you heal.