Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy in Treating Orthopaedic Injuries


With stem cell therapy, you can now receive treatments which are less invasive to treat injured ligaments and tendons.

In the area of sports medicine, stem cell therapy represents the potential to heal, regenerate or repair tissue using the stem cells from your own body. The stem cells are harvested from your own body, for instance, from body marrow or body fat.

Stem cells are cells which can self-replicate and differentiate into any cell line in the body. The three main sources of stem cells are embryos, adults and umbilical cords.

Adult stem cells are different from fetal or embryonic stem cells as they are limited in potential with limited properties. However, its biggest advantage is the ability to help the body heal when it is wounded.

For orthopaedic use, stem cells are sourced from your own bone marrow and grown in the laboratory between 7 to 21 days before they are implanted into your body. What’s attractive about this therapy is that you avoid potential immune rejection problems (which sometimes happens with donor transplants).

Stem cell therapy is used to treat bone fractures, regenerating articular cartilage in arthritic joints, healing ligaments or tendons, and replacing degenerative vertebral disks.

Normally, bone defects are treated with bone graft material placed at the place of fracture. With stem cells, the cells are now placed together with the bone graft to stimulate healing.

Articular cartilage which usually leads to joint pain and arthritis can be healed with stem cell procedure too. Ligaments and tendons such as quadriceps or Achilles tendon ruptures can benefit too from stem cell therapy.

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