Are You Living With Pain?

You are an athlete, sports person or footballer. You are a stroke survivor. You just had a bypass surgery or stenting. You have spinal cord injury. Or you suffer from chronic back or shoulder pain. You could be very young or very old, super fit or not so fit.

If you have pain and you need help, we can help you start healing.

I-Sports Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre, located within Island Hospital, is an orthopaedic, trauma, arthroscopy and sports clinic. Our clinic includes specialists in speech and language therapy to help children and adults with communication difficulties (for example, post-stroke survivors or children with developmental difficulties).

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What is the difference between a chiropractor and a physical therapist? What treatments do I need for my pain?

Here are the answers to your most common questions.
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Get To Know Our Services

Shoulder, knee and back injuries are the most common injuries. Do you need surgery or do you need physical therapy or do you need both?

Discover how we can help you heal the pain.
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